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WP Sifu offers premium hosting and maintenance services for websites running on WordPress. We host your website in the server that is optimised for WordPress. We keep your WordPress software and plugins updated so you don’t need to worry about hackers. We speed up your website with CDN so your customers from around the world can reach your website equally fast. We even secure your website with SSL so Google may rank your website better!

Unless your business is WordPress, otherwise it should not be your problem, make it ours!

What WP Sifu offers

Every WP Sifu customer enjoys the following service features

“All-you-can-use” Hosting

We do not believe in setting limits for disk space and bandwidth for your WordPress website because we believe websites are meant to grow. And to grow a website it deserves as much disk space and bandwidth as it needs and our customers should not to be punished by having to pay more when it grows.

Managed WordPress update

Probably the most popular CMS on earth, WordPress is also often targeted by hackers. One of the ways to keep your WordPress website safe is to make sure it is regularly updated. Luckily WP Sifu takes care of that for you. You just focus on your business, or whatever makes you happy!

Added Security

Almost all hosting services have security features, You may think of them as the security guard at the entrance of your condo. WP Sifu offers security protection at your website level. It is as if our security guard is sitting right in front of your door, probably much less intimidating!


SSL Included

Google has made it official that securing your website with SSL is one of the ranking factors. Starting this year it will even warn internet users if your website is not secured. WP Sifu is already ahead of the game by offering SSL when you move your website over to us. Say hello to the green padlock!

CDN Included

We try not to use bombastic terms, but to show you the value for your money, we have to use one now — CDN. We’ll set up your content to be delivered via a system of distributed servers that deliver content to user based on geographic locations of the user. In other words: Your website can fly!

Daily Backup

Most commercial hosting services offer server level backup for disaster recovery purpose. Data restoration process is tedious and time consuming. WP Sifu doesn’t take chances, we backup your WordPress website everyday! Restoring data is just a mouse click and a cuppa away!

Our happy customers

Praveen Nair
07:04 01 Mar 18
Dean and the WP Sifu team are an amazing bunch of people to work with, I would recommend them to anyone.
Sherman Tang
16:18 28 Jan 18
I was very surprised at the level of customer service with WP Sifu. All details were explained with great patience and most importantly, they spoke "human language" unlike another company that I was considering just "threw" all the technical terms at me . Transferring 3 of my website to WP Sifu was truly a breeze. I highly recommend them!read more
Kunal Pawa
04:34 18 Jan 18
Dean is great, fast, responsive and always willing to help us with our requirements for the website. Our website was created fairly easily and we have been very satisfied since.
Amelia Yap
06:05 06 Dec 17
It has been a joy working together with Dean of WP Sifu for my firm's website. He is highly responsive, meticulous, very open to feedback and takes initiative in experimenting new styles. Definitely recommend him!read more
Al Hornsby
07:13 17 Oct 17
WP Sifu was my website designer and maintains it for me. Their knowledge and expertise became clear early on during our initial discussions about the proposed site's necessary functions, look and feel. As I have a magazine editorial background, I had specific ideas for design and for what I wanted to accomplish with the site.The discussions were lively and productive, teaching me much about website design, while acknowledging the ideas I brought to the table ; the completed site is a good synthesis of our various ideas, and my viewers find it attractive and easy to navigate.As to ongoing maintenance, the staff is quick and responsive when I need a change or to (regularly) add content. I also have found the fees to be very competitive.Al Hornsbywww.alhornsbyproductions.comread more
Brillyn Toh
02:40 16 Oct 17
We engaged Dean to revamp our website last year and he was so good that we have signed on his maintenance package till 2019! His services are extremely prompt and responsive and he is someone who knows what he is doing, and that is extremely important because while we are shopping around who to revamp our new website, we had come across many website "sales people" in the market who just wants to push their basic templated sites to unaware businesses (as usually SMEs do not have their own internal IT Team), and they are often exorbitantly priced. Dean and WPSifu had delivered their services beyond our expectations and we will not hesitate to recommend to anyone!read more
Info (White & Black Trading)
08:13 14 Oct 17
WP Sifu are very responsive with any website issue. We noticed that our speed of our website has increased and technical hitches have been ironed out. No issue is too big or too small.
Eve Liu
06:07 14 Jul 17
Dean is professional and great to work with, always ready with practical solutions and is able to demystify technical jargon and systems. He has a knack for finding the most efficient way to get things done without compromising on quality. Would definitely recommend WPSifu to my friends and business associates!read more

Got question?

We imagine you have 1,001 questions right now. We may not have the answer for all of them, but perhaps we may start with some of the more frequently asked questions...

Got question?

We imagine you have 1,001 questions right now. We may not have the answer for all of them, but perhaps we may start with some of the more frequently asked questions...

What is WP Sifu

What is WP Sifu

Fact: You can easily find many service providers who either offer WordPress website hosting, or support and maintenance services, but hardly one who offers both and more. WP Sifu fills in that space. Months before we launched WP Sifu, we have already started talking...

How we keep your WordPress website safe

How we keep your WordPress website safe

Fact: 30,000 web sites hacked a day — Over 3 quarters of them run on WordPress. Forbes published above figure in 2013. Though it's been couple of years since, we can assure you the number hasn't changed much. Here's an even more interesting fact reported by internet...

Why did we start WP Sifu

Why did we start WP Sifu

Fact: In 2016 alone, WordPress has released three major version updates and six maintenance and security updates. If you own a WordPress website since a year ago and it hasn't been updated, you are quite a few versions behind... If you own a car, or let's pretend you...