Managed WordPress Hosting

How is WP Sifu different from other hosting services?

Unlike traditional hosting services which charge you for disk space and “transfers”, and whole lot of other stuff which you probably don’t even know what they were for, what WP Sifu offers is more than just hosting; we actually manage your WordPress website for you. Hosting becomes just small part of the package. Rather than focusing on technology, which, seriously, most of the time people don’t care, we focus on making your website work for you.

When we switch to WP Sifu, do we get to keep our domain name?

Absolutely! Why wouldn’t you think so?

You may think of it as switching your mobile phone service to another telco, you may simply port your mobile phone number over so people can continue to reach you via the same number. In this case, you may think of us as the telco you are switching to, and your domain name as your phone number.

If fact, it gets better! During the switch, we will copy your website to our server and host it at a temporary domain name. This allows you and us to make sure everything is in order, plus the opportunity to make some improvement if need be. Once the site is ready, only we will flip the switch.

Oh, one more thing: there will be zero downtime. We are cool like that!

What happens to our email service when we move our website to WP Sifu?

Our plans does not include email hosting. But in our humble opinion, we do not recommend having both your website and email services hosted in the same server anyway. Why? Because in case when one service is down, you can still use the other to maintain communication with your customers.

If you have no issue switching your email service, we would like to recommend the following alternatives:

  1. G Suite — Formerly Google Apps for Work. We happen to be authorised Google Partner, so we can help you move your email service to Google and you may enjoy the suite of signature cloud-services by Google.
  2. DomainSifu Business Email — Best value for money especially if you do not really need a lot of inbox space.
We own a WordPress website and we can’t wait to switch to WP Sifu. How do we start?

First, sign up for our Managed Hosting plan (or click this link). We offer 30-day money back so you have nothing to lose.

We’ll be in touch with you within one working day to get your current WordPress website login details so make sure you have them ready.

Once we have your login details, we will proceed to copy your website to our server. We will not make any changes to your current website. We will only make changes to the copy on our server. Changes such as updating WordPress version, including plugins and theme (subject to license availability).

We’ll then send you the preview URL to test the copy of your website on our server. You may login to post new content or do anything to make sure the updated website is working like before.

Once you are happy, we’ll then assist you to update the DNS to point your domain name to our server.

There may be situation where we find your current WordPress website either too outdated, too buggy, or, forgive us for saying, too ugly… this is when we may recommend you to consider a website revamp, which you may buy some Support Credits for. We will be able to recommend how many credits you may buy once we have assessed your website need.

Webmaster Services

How do the credits work?

Each credit equates to 15-minute work. One credit usually is enough for light content update or changes. Complex work may need more credits. You may buy more credits anytime, but the credits expire after 12 months or together with Managed Hosting subscription (if applicable), whichever occurs first.

Even though we say “15 minutes”, it is not like we place a timer in front of us and time our work. We use it as a way for us to loosely gauge how our time was spent. If it normally takes us about 15 minutes to publish a blog/news post with some formatting fixing, it is quite unlikely we would decide to deduct more credits for another post just because our internet connection happened to be slower on that day. To avoid any misunderstanding or disputes, we can let our customers know upfront how many credits will be deducted before we start any work. This allows our customers the opportunity to change their mind or review their requests.

What happens if I don't use all of my credits?

Credits expire after 12 months or together with Managed Hosting subscription. However, if you renew the hosing plan, we’ll let you carried them forward. We are nice like that!

What if we told you

It's ok to change your mind

Switching hosting provider can be a painful process, especially when you are not 100% sure. We make it easier for you. Within first 30 days should you not happy with our Managed WordPress Hosting, just cancel and you'll get your money back. No blue pill or red pill to take!