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Managed by WP Sifu

What does it mean when a website is managed by WP Sifu?
When you see these words in the website footer that says: “Managed by WP Sifu”, it means the owner of the website is serious about their business.
When a website is managed by WP Sifu, it means the owner of the website takes security seriously by ensuring any information you send to them via the website is encrypted and accessible only by the website owner themselves. It also means the website is clean and will not spread virus or malware to your computer.

When a website is managed by WP Sifu, it means the website will load faster, thanks to the enterprise-grade caching mechanisms made available by our technology partner. Even if you are coming from the furthest end of the globe, you do not need to wait longer for the website to load thanks to the robust content delivery network (CDN) that the website is being served through.

When a website is managed by WP Sifu, it means the website is up to date — as far as its back-end is concerned. By “back-end”, it means the WordPress software that is powering the website, as well as the server software that handles everything else.
When a website is managed by WP Sifu, it means the owner of the website is committed to their business. The experience you get when you visit their website is at the top of their mind. If the owner can be so serious about their website, imagine how serious they are about their business and about you.

Do you have any concern about a website that is managed by WP Sifu? Let us know!

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