WordPress Website in one week! You are not sh*tting me?”

no. I’m not sh*tting you!

What is this

We take different approach in website creation — we do not waste time on creating mockups. We use WordPress, aka world’s most popular content management system (CMS) to build your website right from the start. No Dreamweaver. No “handcoding”! Our goal is to get your website out there double time so you can start to get your business going. We are realists like that!

How we do it

Day 0: Discover

The first goal we must achieve is to shortlist the information you want to make available on your website. We will then go through a selection of premium themes with you to pick the most suitable one as the starting point for building your website.

Day 7: Launch

With the informaiton we have shortlisted plus the theme you have selected, we now have a very good idea of what needs to be done and how we can achieve our goal of putting together the website for you within one week. We just have to make it happen.

Day 8 and beyond: Maintain

Getting your website up and running is only the beginning. Our real passion is to continue to care for your website beyond the initial build. We make sure your website runs at optimal speed and it’s protected from the bad guys. Go ahead, call us your partners!

What you get

A website that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. For example, a website for SME like this.

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A website that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. For example, a website for Café or restaurant like this.

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A website that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. For example, a single-page website for product or app like this.

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What you also get

“All-you-can-use” Hosting

We do not believe in setting limits for disk space and bandwidth for your WordPress website because we believe websites are meant to grow. And to grow a website it deserves as much disk space and bandwidth as it needs and our customers should not to be punished by having to pay more when it grows.

Managed WordPress Update

Probably the most popular CMS on earth, WordPress is also often targeted by hackers. One of the ways to keep your WordPress website safe is to make sure it is regularly updated. Luckily WP Sifu takes care of that for you. You just focus on your business, or whatever makes you happy!

Enhanced Security

Almost all hosting services have security features, You may think of them as the security guard at the entrance of your condo. WP Sifu offers security protection at your website level. It is as if our security guard is sitting right in front of your door, probably much less intimidating!


Speed Boost

We try not to use bombastic terms, but to show you the value for your money, we have to use one now — CDN. We’ll set up your content to be delivered via a system of distributed servers that deliver content to user based on geographic locations of the user. In other words: Your website can fly!

Daily Backup

Most commercial hosting services offer server level backup for disaster recovery purpose. Data restoration process is tedious and time consuming. WP Sifu doesn’t take chances, we backup your WordPress website everyday! Restoring data is just a mouse click and a cuppa away!


Unlimited content update*

You need to update your website content regularly to keep it search engines friendly. This is where we can help. From posting news release to uploading new graphic banners. Send us your raw materials in Word document and we’ll take care of the rest!
* For higher plans only

How much



SGD89 x 12 months

(hosting only)

SGD189 x 6 months

(hosting and content updates)


.com domain name, SSL certificate, 1 x G Suite account


"What kind of website can I get in one week?"

As much as we want to say “any kind”, we have to be realistic. We hate to limit our deliverables (the “final products”) to “xx pages”, “xx functions”, “xx stock photos”, etc because every business has different needs. We use a more practical way to measure our deliverables: time! So when we say “one week”, we are talking about one week’s worth of output, that’s 40 hours.

What can we build in 40 hours?

Here is the non-exhaustive list of examples:

  1. An informational website that contains one to 20 pages or more (depending on complexity) of initial content;
  2. A basic e-commerce website (product catalog, product details, add to cart, checkout with PayPal, invoice, delivery note) that has one to 10 or more (depending on complexity) products;
  3. An event/conference website with registration form and payment via 3rd party service;

What you shouldn’t expect?

  1. A complex website like “LinkedIn”, or “sgCarMart”, or “Lazada”, or [insert name of million-dollar-website here] ;
  2. A website which you do not know what information to put up yet. We feel like an idiot to even write this, but we have come across client who wants a website but unable to tell us what he wants. How to create a website like that?!

“What if the website needs more than one week to build?”

This is why we start our engagement with an initial meeting. From this meeting we will identify your objectives, goals, and how much information you already have for us to put together the website. By the end of the meeting, we should be able to tell you with much confidence, whether or not we can deliver your website in one week. And what would be the alternatives if it requires more time and work. But we want to stay true to our advertising — if we can deliver in one week, you’d better be dang sure that we will cross the fire to deliver it!

"Price above shows we need to commit 6 or 12 months or maintenance plan. What happens after that?"

If you chose to start with 6 x $189, after 6 months, you may choose to continue with the same plan so we can continue to help you with day-to-day content publishing, or you may downgrade to $89/month plan so we can continue to care for your website. Likewise if you have chosen to start with 12 x $89 plan.

"I already have an existing hosting provider, can I just use your design and build services?"

Unfortunately no. When we build your website, we are already preparing it for future maintenance, which, will only work when you let us host your website. This is so when something is broken, we can quickly get to the bottom of the matter, whether the problem is on our server side, or network, or the website itself. We do not need to depend on third party (eg your existing hosting provider) to get diagnostic data to help us pinpoint the problem. In other words, we can really save a lot of time on ding-dong’ing and get the problem solved, quickly!

"I already have an existing WordPress website, can I move it over to be hosted by you?"

Yes, this is totally possible! We will need to take a look at the current state of your WordPress website, particularly, how updated it is, whether or not there is any vulnerable plugins or theme files which may pose security concerns. But in any case, we are happy to take over the hosting of your WordPress website.

"How is WP Sifu different from other hosting services?"

Unlike traditional hosting services which charge you for disk space and “transfers”, and whole lot of other stuff which you probably don’t even know what they were for, what WP Sifu offers is more than just hosting; we actually manage your WordPress website for you. Hosting becomes just small part of the package. Rather than focusing on technology, which, seriously, most of the time people don’t care, we focus on making your website work for you.

"Another company can create a website for me at much cheaper price..."

We understand there will always be people who hold different views in pricing strategy. We like to stay away from the race to the bottom; instead, we focus our time and energy in improving ourselves and improving the quality of our work. To put it simply, it’s important for us to be able to sustain so we can continue to support our clients.

"Can I claim PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme)?"

Website development is eligible. Go ahead and claim it!

Still not sure? you can read more from IRAS website (Scroll down to “FAQ » Group 1 – Others (Website, Software, Cloud Computing)

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