What is WP Sifu

4 Jan 2017


You can easily find many service providers who either offer WordPress website hosting, or support and maintenance services, but hardly one who offers both and more. WP Sifu fills in that space.

Months before we launched WP Sifu, we have already started talking to prospects about our new services. Many of them liked the idea and thought it’s the right way forward, some have expressed concern about our higher price point when they compared WP Sifu to traditional hosting service providers. We are going to touch on the subject in this post and explain the real value that comes with the price you pay us.

We are not a big fan of the term; but WP Sifu is really a “one stop shop” for everything WordPress! Let us break our service offering down to individual components and you’ll see WP Sifu is quite a few things:

  1. WP Sifu as WordPress hosting service provider
  2. WP Sifu as WordPress maintenance service provider
  3. WP Sifu as WordPress content publishing service provider
  4. WP Sifu as WordPress website development service provider

WP Sifu as WordPress hosting service provider

Before you can set up a website, you need a hosting space for it. So naturally, hosting service is probably the first thing on your shopping list.

But we need to first stress on one thing: WP Sifu is not just a typical hosting service provider. We partner with one of the best in the business who supplies servers that are optimised for running WordPress websites. If your current website runs on WordPress, or you are thinking of using WordPress for your next website, WP Sifu is probably your best option yet!

Though we offer hosting service, you can’t compare us with the traditional hosting service providers whose servers are meant for any kind of website but specialised in none. To make it fair, we’ll focus on comparing WP Sifu with hosting service providers who offer WordPress only hosting plans. Good news is we have already done the legwork for you, the average fee comes up to about SGD 30 per month. Let’s take note of this amount and we’ll come back to it later.

WP Sifu as WordPress maintenance service provider

This is where things get interesting. We don’t just simply provide you a space for your WordPress website. We actually take care of your website too! From updating the WordPress software, plugins and theme files, to putting in place added security for protecting your website from hackers. We even speed up your website by using proprietary caching technology, coupled with CDN that basically gives your website a blazing fast load time.

When it comes to updating WordPress software, we do not rely on auto-update that makes us look lazy. We create backup copy of your WordPress website and apply update to the copy, we’ll then test and make sure the update didn’t break anything, only then we will overwrite the live site with the copy. It does sound labor intensive, but we are more than happy to do it for you. Because this is what WP Sifu is all about!

WordPress releases major software updates and security patches almost every month, so we’ll assume if you hire someone to perform the task, you’ll probably need to spend around SGD 50 per engagement. So once again, we’ll take note of the amount for later.

WP Sifu as WordPress content publishing service provider

This is where we really set ourselves apart from the competition. WP Sifu is probably one of the very few (if not the only) who offers unlimited content update support. By content update, we mean anything from uploading new banners to publishing new blog posts.

You may wonder at this point: Isn’t WordPress meant for letting you update your own content without any technical skill? On this note, you are right. You will still be able to do your own content update if you choose to. But wouldn’t you like to have choices? How about choosing to spend the time on something more important to you, for example, grow your business, or spend time with your loved ones?

Also, even though you will provide us with content materials, we do not simply copy and paste the text and slap in the photos. We will endeavour to make the newly created content look nice before we call it a job done.

To hire someone to perform such tasks, you may probably need to shell out minimum SGD 50 per hour. At this point it’s impossible for me to say how many hour of services you may need, but I guess it’s fair to say at least two hours a month? So you are looking at spending about SGD 100 per month to have someone help you upload new content that looks good.

WP Sifu as WordPress website development service provider

Prior to WP Sifu, we have been building websites for 17 years. We have seen the heyday of dotcom, witnessed the bubble burst, am now watching the rise of web 2.0. We can do a lot more than just installing WordPress with a nice theme. When you are on our Platinum Plan, you can imagine us taking full ownership of your website and treat it as it’s one of our own.

Honestly, we have no idea how much you will have to pay someone who has close to two decades of experience to work for you on full time basis. But the real question is: Why would you need a full time person unless you are running an agency yourself? So what WP Sifu really offers here is a share of our expertise at fraction of the cost. I guess you will not disagree when I say we are like Uber of website development; well more specifically — of WordPress website development!


Originally, we planned to conclude this post by drawing price comparison between our plans versus others. Then it occurred to us: when will this ends? We don’t want to give you the impression that we are here to win some business with our price. Truth is, we don’t think we can ever win, because there will always be someone who will make a better offer. What we can assure you, however, is we will definitely deliver the full value (if not more) of what you will be paying us for. After all, isn’t that what most important? So we’ll end this instead by quoting Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

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