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16 Jan 2017


Both our Silver and Gold plans do not require you to make minimum commitment*. You may start with either plan and upgrade or downgrade later.

Have you heard of the term “Analysis Paralysis”? According to Wikipedia, it means “state of over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken”. Here at WP Sifu, we are not a big fan of this term, that’s why we like to keep things simple. Especially when it comes to our service plans. However, we imagine some may still find it a challenge to decide which plan to choose. So we would like to offer some guidance in this post.

As you can see from our Pricing page, we have three plans:


“Ag” = symbol for Silver

What is it? Our entry plan. It’s basically our managed WordPress Hosting plan with a small (but important) difference — we do not rely on auto-update. More on this later.

What does it offer? You may find out more about the features from the Silver plan section of the Pricing page. We wish to highlight the part on “Managed WordPress Update”. Most other service providers use script to automate the WordPress software update process. There is nothing wrong with automated update, but it poses the risk of breaking your website after an update. This is why we will not perform the update directly onto your live site, instead we will do it on staging site, we will test and make sure everything is in order, then only we will push the update to the live site.

When to choose this? When you only need a good host and you do not need regular content update for your website. Actually, in our opinion everyone may just start with this plan. If your website runs on WordPress, it is imperative to have it updated and secured right away, then along the way, enjoy some speed improvement with our bundled CDN and our souped–up caching system.

More about Silver plan


“Au” = symbol for Gold

What is it? We imagine this will become our most popular plan. Because with this plan, we become your webmaster who can help you with all your regular content update.

What does it offer? Everything under Silver plan, plus any content update or changes you wish for your website, we will be at your service! From posting news release or blog post to upload or replace homepage banner. You name it! We just need you to provide us with the content materials and we’ll take care of the rest.

When to choose this? When you need to update the content of your website at least once a month. Here’s why: Our ad-hoc hourly rate is SGD 120 (or SGD 150 for non-customers). The difference of price between Silver and Gold is SGD 100. Then, we offer unlimited content update. You should be able to figure out the rest.

More about Gold plan


“Pt” = symbol for Platinum

What is it? The mother of all plans! You get not only unlimited content update but also design update!

What does it offer? Everything under Silver and Gold plans, plus unlimited tweaks. We will track and analyse how Internet users used your website then find ways to improve it. Such improvement may be as small as repositioning content elements, to changing the layout of your homepage.

When to choose this? If you have previously hired some full time webmaster who have failed to meet the mark, or you have been spending money every year on different agencies/freelancers to revamp your website, this plan is for you. Here’s why: Our fee is hardly a fraction of what you would have to pay for a full-time web designer/developer to manage your website. Then, the average cost of revamping a website would come up much higher than what you will be paying for this plan. Most importantly, as we gain better understanding on the usage of your website, each improvement that we make will only steer us closer to meeting your goals.

More about Platinum plan


As mentioned from the beginning, we like to keep things simple. So really, if after reading this and you still cannot decide which plan to choose, we suggest you may just start with Silver plan or Gold plan. Here’s why: Both Silver and Gold plans do not require minimum commitment. Which means to say, you can just join us, try us, and leave us when you don’t like us. We promise there will not be any hard feelings.

* We also offer new website design and build service for customers who do not have website yet. To enjoy the heavily discounted price you will need to commit minimum 12 months subscription.

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