Why did we start WP Sifu

9 Jan 2017


In 2016 alone, WordPress has released three major version updates and six maintenance and security updates. If you own a WordPress website since a year ago and it hasn’t been updated, you are quite a few versions behind…

If you own a car, or let’s pretend you do, you probably already know that you need to service the car every few thousand kilometres or months, whichever occurs first; even if you don’t drive it regularly. Because if you don’t, the car may break down at the wrong time, and it will cost you a lot of money to repair it.

We would like to compare that to your website. Although granted, a website isn’t exactly a machine with moving parts that it doesn’t wear and tear like cars do, but don’t forget a website does run on a content management system, served from a computer hardware (aka the hosting server) that runs an operating system and connected with enormous network of many other computers. So it does have quite a bit of “moving parts”.

You may think your website is just a very simple website that serves a few information pages, that nothing can go wrong, well, sorry to say you may be wrong. As long as you have a website and it’s connected to the Internet, anything can go wrong. That it will stand the fair chance of getting hacked!

How do websites get hacked?

It is not our intention to blog about the subject in this post, we really just wanted to explain why we started WP Sifu. But perhaps we’ll touch lightly on it now. Then we’ll blog about it another time.

Based on our experience, here are the top reasons how websites get hacked:

  1. Outdated or vulnerabilities in software — server operating system, content management system, plugins, themes, etc.
  2. Weak password and predictable username — believe it or not, till today there are still plenty of website owners who left their password as “123456” and username as “admin”.
  3. Human error — from picking the wrong guys to work on your website, to clicking on the wrong hyperlink in the email your received.

As you can see, all three reasons above have got to do with negligence. In other words, we can prevent our websites from getting hacked if we are more careful and spend enough of time and attention to protect it. But we guess the real problem here is most website owners do not have the time, much less to say, the know-how.

Leave your WordPress website with us

Back to the comparison with car servicing, every car owner knows they need to service the car regularly, but most would choose to just drop the car at the workshop and let the mechanics take care of it. Imagine now you can have the same for your website, that you can just leave the website “servicing” to the pros while you focus on what you should really focus on — your business.

Best of all, you don’t even need to keep track of when is your website due for servicing, there is no need for you to “drop in” your website or the need to book for servicing. We actually take care of everything for you. This is what WP Sifu does. This is why WP Sifu was founded.