WordPress 4.8.3 Security Release

by | 2 Nov 2017 | WordPress

WordPress has just released a security update. Solely for fixing one issue — an issue which may lead to potential SQL Injection (SQLi). For the benefit of none-tech-savvy people, here’s how Techopedia defines SQLi:

An SQL injection is a computer attack in which malicious code is embedded in a poorly-designed application and then passed to the backend database. The malicious data then produces database query results or actions that should never have been executed. Continue reading

Be advised WordPress itself is safe from this vulnerability, only problem is 3rd party plugin or theme developers may accidentally expose it and cause problem. So to play it safe, WordPress released the patch anyway even though it’s just for fixing one issue. This goes to show how serious the folks at WordPress are when it comes to security.

If you are already WP Sifu customer, you can expect to see your WordPress software will be (if not already) updated to the latest version.

You may read about the rest of updates from WordPress’ own blog post itself: WordPress 4.8.3 Security Release.