WordPress 4.8 “Evans”

by | 16 Jun 2017 | WordPress


WordPress has just released 4.8 over a week ago. This is a major version update so you can see some new features being introduced, such as better widgets, better handling of editing hyperlink, plus several other updates that happen at the backend which most of you will not see.

If you are already WP Sifu customer, you can expect to see your WordPress software will be (if not already) updated to the latest version.

Full story (for the rest of us)

What we find it most exciting in this new release, is the more powerful widget editing. In the past, WordPress only shipped with widget that lets us enter plain text. In order to format the text, or to display other medias, such as images, videos or audios, we had to use HTML. As developer, we had no problem with that, the challenge was to our clients, the end-users. So in order to make it easier for them, we had to use third-party plugins that allows them to edit widget content with rich-text editor. Now on, that will no longer be a problem.

Image credit: WordPress.org

You may read about the rest of updates from WordPress’ own blog post itself: WordPress 4.8 “Evans”.